Bio Plasma Organik Media (BPO Media)

BPOM is a growing medium or pure organic fertilizer processed from natural raw materials. Has a composition of macro and micro elements are complete, with organic carbon 13.71, with the C / N ratio of 22.48 and pH 7.38.

Products made by using environmentally friendly technologies (zero emission no fossil energy) from a variety of selected natural raw materials. This product contains organic material in the form of humid acid primary, and is also equipped with bio-enzymes, amino acids, bio-stimulant, minerals, vitamins and various plant extracts that simultaneously function as:
  • bio-fertilizer: increased crop yield to maximum production and quality,
  • soil conditioner: improve and increase soil fertility
  • bio-stimulant: increased population and activity of soil microbes.
  • bio-remediant: repair and neutralize contaminated soil heavy metals, crude oil or high salinity content.
Various studies have proved that the humid and fulvic acid is beneficial to enhance the development of plant roots and the rate of photosynthesis, the rate of uptake of macro and micro nutrients, humus formation, tolerance to drought, high salinity and increased cation exchange capacity and water saving.

This material also makes the soil friable and improve soil aeration, oxygen supply and enable the potential of microbial functions, such as mycorrhiza, phosphate solubilizing bacteria, and rhizobium so it can be used as a supplement in the process of bioremediation of soils contaminated with hazardous chemicals.

To increase effectiveness, these products also contain the vitamins, macro and micro nutrients and bio-stimulant. One of the unique components of this product is a mixture of liquid extract of compost that has been proven to reduce soil pathogens such as Fusarium spp, Phytopthora spp, Pythium spp, and Rhizoctonia solani, so the use of these products also function as a biological pesticide.