Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation

Unitek Borneo scope services in Land Reclamation and activities carried out at the post-mining area, the former tailings or land is peeling because of road construction activity, residential development or other activities.

The purpose of land reclamation is to restore degraded land to a natural function of soil and of plant, improving productivity and quality of land, by providing appropriate treatment in these critical lands. The purpose of this activity does not stop at how to grow of plant on ex mining land, but then how do these plants provide a long-term positive impact on productivity of land and the environment in general.

Unitek Borneo implement several phases in determining the appropriate treatment. Identification of topography was done by visual mapping. Soil physical and chemical conditions determined by soil sampling for laboratory analysis performed. From the results of the study determined the condition subsequent treatment and selection of the appropriate type of plant cover. Stages and appropriate treatment will then determine the success of land reclamation.

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