Support Material and Environmental Health Equipment

Unitek Borneo also provide high quality materials that have been used in some mining companies in the reclamation project. Some of the materials are produced by itself (see box OUR PRODUCT). Unitek Borneo also supports environmental health equipment.

Some material that can be supplied in addition to self-produced, among others:

3.1. Alcosorb
Alcosorb is soft conditioner that can increase water maintain capacity of soil in a very limited conditions. Alcosorb can supply more water for plant growth. Can be used as transplants or weaning so as to reduce stress on the plants during moving. With the form of granules, prolonging the period and frequency of watering.
Alcosorb can be applied to reclamation by hydroseeding or manual system, especially for plantations to address the shortage of water such as oil palm which the water greedily, and also to assist planting in dry land areas or areas with minimal rainfall.

3.2. Bio Enzymes
Bio enzyme is also called microorganisms enzymes, is a powder or a solution of concentrated spectrum of microbiology who worked in the bio-remediation process. During the process, microbes will continue to reproduce and multiply during food sources available. Active microbial colonies produce enzymes that assist in providing nutritional needs for these microbes. Bio enzymes can improve performance of microbes to be more active in aligning the soil fertility and leaf chlorophyll to spur productive in improving the process of photosynthesis.

3.3. Soilfix Polybead
Soilfix polybead is a soil conditioner that has the ability to repair and coat the layer of soil so as to create conditions for a stable and optimum soil as plant growth media.
Soilfix polybead also form of powder. This serves to increase the capacity of the soil, reduce erosion, fertilizer use efficiency and improve the ability to grow in the nursery.

3.4. Liquid Organic Fertilizer
Liquid organic fertilizer is used on such an important growth phase at the time of flowering or fruit filling. Use of this product will increase crop yields with better quality. Liquid fertilizer is a fertilizer supplement so that the use of fertilizer N, P and K remain to be done. Contain macro nutrients in small amounts but micro-nutrient content is very complete, in a concentrated liquid form. Processed by fermentation of microorganisms that produce nutrients that are very useful for plants or seeds.
This fertilizer is sprayed through the leaves, because it is part of the largest and easiest plants to be sprayed. Nutrients going into the plant tissue via the mouth leaves under the surface of the leaf.

3.5. Proliquid Organic Cleaner (POC 001)
Is a liquid cleanser made from organic material (biodegradable) that do not pollute the environment and made from bio base. This fluid can clean oil and grease. Very effectively used to clean the remaining oil, lubricant and grease stick in the hand after doing work at workshop or garage. Safe for the user even if used repeatedly.

This product has multipurpose functions, in ddition to clean hands can also be used to clean other equipment, including heavy equipment, floor tile / wood marble, granite and other natural stone or laminate flooring).
Its use is very efficient so it can reduce the cost of detergent / soap and hand wipes are required. Concentrated formula means more cleaning power in each liquid.
Thus, the advantages of using POC 001 is as follows:
• The product of natural organic
• The product concentrates, durable and economical
• High-quality
• Environmentally friendly
• Reduce the use of washcloth and absorbent
• Used washing does not pollute the environment
• Leave no rust on the machine or equipment is washed
• No skin irritation
• Can save costs because these products can be mixed with water

3.6. Pasta Organic Cleaner (POC 002)
Clean the rust and dirt on metal such as stainless steel, copper and brass so that it looks clean and shiny.
Very effectively used in heavy and light equipment repair shop and for households

3.7 Flotank
Fluid for the treatment of septic tank containing a special strain of probiotic microbes to provide a solution or a septic tank full of clogged and eliminates odors. This fluid can maintain the quality of mineral water to leach from septic tanks located near wells.
Pressing the growth of disease-causing bacteria. Effective for factories, offices, hotels, hospitals and housing.
Content of organic bacteria that is very effective to decompose the feces up to 80% and do not need to drain the septic tank, low cost and environmentally friendly. Can be used also in the business catering to eliminate odors.

3.8 Environmental Health Support Equipment
In addition to materials that have been described previously, the various tools that support the health of the working environment is also necessary to achieve the best results.
* Indoor Air Purifier
Filtration system on the tool is able to eliminate the odor with using activated carbon technology that is able to reach the 150-ha area. This large capacity equipped with a filter that removes 99.99% functioning of air pollutants and clean the dust, bacteria, spores, viruses, smoke and other impurities up to 0009 microns.This tool is able to clean the air in a room of 36 m2 in less than 30 minutes.
The machine is not noisy and energy-efficient because it uses only
electricity consumption of 60 watts.
* Drinking Water Purifiers Instrument
With this tool tap water can be converted into drinking water. With combination of solid carbon technology and UV light, the tool is effective removes taste, odor and color of the water. Effectively eliminate the 140 more contaminants in water such as VOCs, pesticides and trihalomethane. Effectively remove particles up to 0.2 micron size including asbestos, sediment, and dirt. Also eliminates metal content of lead, mercury and lead contained in the water drinking, as well as the parachute on the size of 3-4 microns.
This tool does not eliminate the mineral elements needed by the body, such as
calcium, magnesium, and fluoride. Ultra-violet rays capable of killing more
99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses in drinking water. Capable of filtering 3.4 liters per minute at 60 psi water pressure.