About Us

PT. Unitek Borneo is a service company reclamation and rehabilitation of land and environmental materials supplier founded by the couple Rofinus Ligo and Carolina Sipriana Sitohang in 2004.

In the early establishment of the company’s focus is to provide material for land reclamation and rehabilitation. In its development the company is also trying to apply the experience and expertise gained during 20 years in the field of land reclamation.

Synergies between the experience and expertise, utilization of technology, using of organic materials and the selection of top quality grade materials that support the activities making Unitek Borneo as a reliable company in dealing with environmental issues, as stated in the motto of our company: Unitek Borneo – Environmental Solution.

Being a reliable company in the environmental area

  • Provides services and consultation in the area of land reclamation and rehabilitation
  • Establish sustainable partnerships with customers with the principle of mutual benefit
  • Restore the ecological conditions of soil and plants to the natural functions, improve productivity and quality of land and plants through rehabilitation activities, land reclamation and plantation.
  • Provides quality organic material for environmental purposes and activities

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Land reclamation activities carried out at the post-mining area, the former tailings or land is peeling
because of road construction activity, residential development or other activities.

The use of technology with spraying machines (hydroseeding) allows the achievement of optimal
results and economical, especially for planting on steep slopes and terraced areas. This technology is astep in accelerating closing post-mining land in areas with relatively low cost but bring a very positiveimpact for mining activities.